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We have spoken: and it's "more of the same, please!"

posted 10 May 2015, 02:43 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 May 2015, 02:46 ]

Congratulations to the Labour party in Nottingham East and Dales Ward! The local and general election results for our area show that - despite changes to the political map around the UK - it looks like 5 more years of the same in Dales Ward and Nottingham East with no changes to our local and national representation.

Nottingham East MP:

 Chris Leslie (Labour) reelected

Dales Ward Councillors:

 Neghat Khan (Labour) reelected
 Gul Khan (Labour) reelected
David Mellen (Labour) reelected

General Election results for Nottingham East:

(Candidates in order of votes won)
 Name Party Votes % of votes cast
 DID NOT VOTE  25,255 
 Chris Leslie LAB19,208 54.6%
 Garry Hickton CON 7,31420.8%
 Fran Loi UKIP 3,5019.9%
 Antonia Zenkevitch GREEN 3,4739.9%
 Tad JonesLIB DEM1,4754.2%
 Seb Soar IND 1410.4%
James Stephenson   IND 970.3%

Turn out of voters was 58%, up from 56% in 2010.

Labour's Chris Leslie built on his win from 2010, raising his percentage of the vote from 45.4 to 54.5% and his majority from 6969 in 2010 to a very safe 11,894.

The Liberal Democrat vote collapsed from 24.3% in 2010, when they were in second place, to just 4.2% this year- in 5th place.

The Conservative vote was down slightly from 2010 (20.8 compared to 23.7%).

The UKIP share of the vote went up by a multiple of 2.9 from 3.4% in 2010 to 9.9%. But the largest increase in votes share was achieved by the Greens, who's vote climbed by a multiple of 3.5 from just 2.8% to 9.9% in 2015.