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Supporting Sneinton

posted 19 Oct 2015, 16:04 by Unknown user   [ updated 2 Nov 2015, 12:51 ]

A new project has kicked off to help 3 local centres work together & strengthen Sneinton

Supporting Sneinton is a new community cohesion project aimed at developing dynamic volunteering opportunities by collaborating with local organisations.

Hoping to develop stronger connections and nurture new relationships within the Sneinton community the project is involving volunteers in the design, delivery and development of new projects in the area. Stacey Keay, Community Volunteer Coordinator says:

"Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to share our experiences and discover new friendships, it helps us to improve our personal values and sense of achievement whilst inspiring positivity and growth to those around us. It's also an opportunity to contribute back to our community and become part of a true cause to help others.

"We can help you to build new skills and confidence by offering regular training and support designed to help you fulfil your role and improve employability.

"Supporting Sneinton have lots of diverse roles available to suit your interests and ensure you gain the most from your volunteering experience. Whether you can give just a few hours or you're looking for something more regular we can assist you in finding the perfect balance."

In a time when funding is shrinking, but the need for support is growing the project aims to unite local organisations and inspire people who want to take ownership for their community to create a legacy all can be proud of.

Funded by the People's Health Trust, the project is facilitated by the SEND Project working with representatives from 3 local centres:

  • Greenway Centre
  • TRACS Neighbourhood Centre and 
  • Hermitage Centre
The centres are also working together (and in collaboration with Sneinton Alchemy) to establish a collaborative model of working together. They aim to work more effectively and efficiently, sharing facilities and ensuring that each complements the work of the others. 

If successful, it is hoped that more centres from across the area will enter into a partnership arrangement.