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Supermarket plans around Sneinton

posted 5 Nov 2011, 11:51 by Unknown user   [ updated 5 Nov 2011, 11:51 ]

With news today that Tesco have pulled out of plans to develop a super store on the Island Site (Manvers Street), we thought it might be a good time for a round-up of the various supermarket schemes around the area.

A planning application is expected shortly for a supermarket on Carlton Road. The site covers the former Albany Works and the former Co-op superstore site. The latter site will be used for housing, with the new store sitting to the west and parking behind. There is also the possibility that the developers will take on the soon-to-close Carlton Road library and transform it into a community building with start-up office space.

Planning has been granted for a supermarket on the site of the former Laundry building on Daleside Road. After consultation and direct talks with the developer that resulted in this scheme being improved, Sneinton Alchemy wrote in support of this proposal. Whilst we are opposed to developments that threaten Sneinton's independent traders (who do far more to bring money in to the community and keep it here than do the supermarkets), we felt that on balance this scheme would be good for the area. It would improve links between south Sneinton and the Trent River, whilst at the same time helping to kick-start development of the industrial areas leading down to Trent Basin.

And finally the Tesco plans for the Island Site: Sneinton Alchemy wrote to object to these plans, as we felt that the scale of the proposal and the specific design would be detrimental to our area in terms of the things we care about- supporting local enterprise, protecting the local environment and making our community more resilient. So we welcome Tesco withdrawing its planning application and now saying that it is not looking to develop the site. We will continue to monitor planning applications and support appropriate developments, commercial or otherwise, in and around Sneinton.

The Sneinton Vision project is an effort to take this activity of monitoring and commenting on planning applications to a different level, transforming it into a community-led and proactive planning process. By bringing the community together to develop a Neighbourhood Design Vision, we can let developers and planners know the kind of future for Sneinton that we want and will work towards.