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Sneinton, what do you need?

posted 13 Mar 2013, 07:03 by Unknown user
There seems to be a gap round here between what people have in terms of skills, education and training, and what they need to get ahead in the jobs market, further education and self-generated enterprise. On the other hand, there are some great examples of local people and organisations creating jobs and opportunities, and delivering education within the community. We know we can do it, so why aren't we doing it more?

A new research project is getting underway at the Muslim Community Organisation aimed at better understanding the gap between what's available and what local people need to improve their prospects. Nottingham Trent University are collaborating with the MCO on the design of the research, and the project has the backing of a number of local organisations. This should lead to better services, delivered locally and targeted to be effective in improving lives. 

You can expect to hear more about this important project and get a chance to participate over the next few months. For more information please email Nadeem at the MCO.