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Sneinton transformed- ideas for key sites in Sneinton

posted 26 Jan 2012, 12:53 by Unknown user   [ updated 26 Jan 2012, 12:58 ]
Architecture students from Nottingham Trent University are holding an exhibition of ideas at St Christopher's Hall, Trent Road, Sneinton from 10-5 on Friday 26th January. Drop in an take a look at what Sneinton might look like if some of the world's best architects parachuted their buildings in to the area- and have your say about the results!

The exhibition is an experimental look at three different sites in the area- two on Sneinton Dale and one on Colwick Road- taking well known buildings from around the world and adapting them slightly to fit. The end result is surprising, challenging and sometimes a bit weird..! The idea is to get reactions from local people about what does and doesn't work. The students will then use this feedback to develop their own designs for the sites over the next few weeks.

The students and staff from NTU are working alongside Sneinton Alchemy as part of the Sneinton Vision project. Their designs will be used to test the draft Neighbourhood Design Vision for Sneinton, which will help local people to have a stronger say in future developments in the area.