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Sneinton Roadworks to be made permanent

posted 1 Apr 2015, 00:24 by Unknown user   [ updated 1 Apr 2015, 02:13 ]

After months of campaigning backed by local arts organisations, community groups and businesses, the United Nations has finally declared the Sneinton Market Roadworks to be a World Heritage Site.

The prestigious UNESCO listing will mean this much loved local feature will remain in perpetuity, protected by international law from the pressure caused by "people trying to get on with their lives".

In what has become an established ritual, groups of artists will be invited to dress in safety equipment and occasionally rearrange the cones. 

This will ensure the continued delight of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike as they are faced with challenging and life affirming questions such as "which way to go?" and "where should I stop?" in trying to "get where I need to be".

"Will I die here" is thought to be the most frequently asked question amongst motorist queuing on Carlton Road, and pedestrians trying to cross at any point.

Works manager and lead artist Avin Alaff says that the World Heritage Status is recognition of many months of light work put in by a tiny group of "worker impersonators" at the site. 

"We've managed to upgrade the lights from Red, Amber, Green to to Ruby, Amber, Emerald", he said. "We acknowledge this has not been cheap but, in our defence, it has not been effective either".

Upgrades to the lights are not the only difference that people will not notice. A special stone has been imported for kerbs which, though very hard to source, looks exactly like cheaper concrete alternatives. Placing this in pretty much the same location has ensured that the historic nature of the site will not be disturbed by the works.

In recognition of the visitor numbers that are likely to be attracted to the site, road widths have been reduced in places. The resulting mile wide footpath has the potential to house visitor facilities, the museum and a small emergency hospital, said road engineers.