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Sneinton Heritage: At risk, very bad condition, deteriorating

posted 16 Nov 2012, 05:02 by Unknown user
It's official- Sneinton's two Conservation Areas are in a "very bad condition" and "deteriorating". 
That's according to the English Heritage 2012 Heritage at Risk report. The Old Sneinton Conservation Area. located between Green's Mill  and the Hermitage Square areas is described as having a 'medium' level of vulnerability, while the Conservation Area at Sneinton Market has a 'high' level of vulnerability. 

Sneinton's Heritage was saved by the efforts of local people in the face of Local Authority plans to build a massive bypass and 'inner motorway' through the area, first dreamt up by Highway Engineers in the 1960s. Local historian Chris Matthews has recently posted some pictures of these plans in this online blog "How Nottingham was Nearly Birmingham" The planned Eastern Bypass route would have seen a 6 lane motorway viaduct sailing over St Stephens Church close to Green's Windmill before ploughing through King Edward's Park into St Anns.

It took a massive effort to save Sneinton and establish the Conservation Areas at the time, but now we are seeing to slow degrading of the heritage in Old Sneinton, mostly due to well intentioned but insensitive small scale changes to buildings and public spaces. Sneinton Market conservation area is under threat from potential future large scale developments and the declining condition and uncertain future of the market buildings themselves.

The Sneinton Neighbourhood Design Vision prepared by Sneinton Alchemy with the local community identified the value that Sneinton people put on the historic buildings in the area. It called for any new developments to be carried out in a way that "retains and responds to the existing well-regarded buildings" in our area. Alchemy is also actively involved in protecting and raising awareness of our Hermitage Caves heritage site and has supported the campaign to preserve the important industrial heritage of the Trent Basin.

With our heritage at risk we need to do what we can to protect our valued Conservation Areas. Please contact us if you'd like to add your support for Sneinton Heritage.