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Planning Applications: The former Jester Site, Sneinton Dale

posted 30 Oct 2011, 16:00 by Unknown user   [ updated 5 Nov 2011, 12:00 ]

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Above: The former Jester pub site

A new planning application has been lodged for the conversion of the former Jester pub into a Mosque, education centre and shop. The applicant is the local Jamia Masjid Sultania (Madrassa-e-Islamia), currently based on Thurgaton Street. You can see this application here:

This application is a relatively minor change to an existing planning permission. It eliminates the last remaining square windows from the original Jester building to replace them with arched windows.

The planning history of the site is quite complicated:

- permission was granted in March 2010 for a relatively small scale remodelling and extension project (see the elevation drawings).

- In August 2011 the Evening Post reported that the building was being built taller than the planning permission had allowed for (see the post article).

- In September 2011 revised plans showing a large 2 storey extension, arched windows on all elevations and a minaret were given planning permission (see the elevation drawings).

The current application is an amendment to that approved in September, for comparison you can see the elevation drawings here. The end result will be a truly remarkable transformation of the former pub (see the drawings of the original building), however architects Molyneux Smith of West Bridgford can still claim that "all new work has been designed to reflect the architectural idiom of the surrounding properties whilst introducing some elements that reinforce the building's new use".

The Sneinton Vision project is an effort to take this activity of monitoring and commenting on planning applications to a different level, transforming it into a community-led and proactive planning process. By bringing the community together to develop a Neighbourhood Design Vision, we can let developers and planners know the kind of future for Sneinton that we want and will work towards.