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Planning application- Dar-Us-Salaam, Sneinton Dale

posted 15 Dec 2011, 04:05 by Unknown user   [ updated 19 Dec 2011, 01:52 ]
The full planning application to knock down the garage at 16-18 Sneinton Dale (next to Dale Terrace) and replace it with a centre for the Dar-Us-Salaam religious community has been submitted. The plans can be viewed on this link:

You can take part in the consultation process by following the link above and clicking 'comment on application'  at the bottom of the page that comes up. The official consultation process will end on 23rd December.

There is further information on the Dar-Us-Salaam website:

Although the building shown on the website appears to be a different design, the description of what the building will contain is still relevant:

" Dar-us-Salaam's vision is to build a Muslim Cultural and Education Centre that will insha'Allah incorporate the following facilities:
Spacious Masjid where all Muslims will be able to join shoulder to shoulder in one large jama'a and submit themselves to Allah (swt) alone.
School/Madrassa where Muslims in general and children in particular can be educated in a secure and Islamic environment.
Resource Centre where Muslims can gain access to essential services such as a library and mortuary.
Da'wah Centre where information can be disseminated to both Muslims and non-muslims.
Multi-functional Community Hall where cultural and other events can be accommodated for."

Concerns about traffic and parking in the area have been raised by this and a number of other recent developments on Sneinton Dale. The existing use as a garage creates a small but constant amount of traffic turning in and out of the site and parking on Sneinton Dale, which occasionally leads to danger for pedestrians and traffic congestion. 

This planning application proposes that traffic generated by those visiting the building will be dealt with by the following measures:
* off site parking
* demand reduction measures and management 
* promoting non car travel / public transport

10 parking spaces are proposed on site for staff and disabled visitors.