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Fix My Street- make it work for Sneinton!

posted 14 Nov 2012, 07:58 by Unknown user   [ updated 3 Jul 2013, 14:32 ]

At a house meeting with the Community Organisers recently I was introduced to the 'Fix My Street' concept. Its a website and smart phone App (iPhone, Android and Nokia flavours available) that makes it easier to report problems like fly-tipping, rubbish, broken pavements and streetlights to your Council.
It works all over the country and makes sure that wherever you are the problem is correctly located on a map and reported to the relevant people who can fix the problem. It also allows you to post updates on the problem to track whether it has been fixed or not.

To use the website or download the app, head over to

Let's get this working for Sneinton! As twitter user @TheeDavePearce recently put it:

Tweeters of #Sneinton. Guess what, it's quicker to call the council about fly-tipped furniture than it is to tweet a pic and amusing comment

Well now, you can do both... right from your smart phone.

UPDATE: July 2013

I've been using FixMyStreet for a few months now and it is easy and effective. I've been able to snap a pic and within less than a minute sent my issue off. The response from Nottingham City Council has been fast and courteous, and mostly very effective. Most things have been fixed within days- but there is an ongoing problem with flytipping in the alleyway next to my house. 

Reporting the problem still gives me a sense that a case is building up for this to be tackled as a flytipping hot-spot and action may eventually be taken. In the meantime- the council does come and clear the waste away. The downside I feel is that maybe I am making my area look bad on the Fix My Street map- perhaps I need to go and report more problems outside other peoples' houses?

I am using and Android phone and the app is currently a 3rd party one- a 'native' FixMyStreet app is promised for Android, which should make the process even smoother.