Upcycled Pallets - Turning Ideas into Reality

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent consultation. It was a really productive meeting at the TRACs Neighbourhood Centre on Wednesday, with NTU staff and researchers, community organisers and Sneinton based community groups all coming together to look at the design options created by the NTU students. 

The various options were creative and interesting, ranging from a curvy community table to a very simple box made of recycled wood. All the designs showed a lot of promise and only after much debate were we able to settle on a single option to take forward. At the end of the day, simplicity, flexibility and ease of manufacture and transport won out. 

The chosen design also considered accessing local, discarded materials that could be up-cycled - creating a product of higher quality than the original. Great for the environment, great for the community and great on the pocket!

So, what now? Well, thanks to Two J's pallet donation, NTU's architectural expertise and Sneinton Alchemy's local know how we've combined our efforts to turn your ideas into reality!
We will be unveiling the furniture this Saturday 30th July at the Sneinton Festival taking place at the Tricketts Park, behind the Greenway Centre on Trent Lane (NG2 4DF).

Please pay us a visit where you can see the transformation of the pallets for yourself.

Hope to see you there!
Shabana & Dasha