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Building bridges

posted 10 Nov 2014, 17:00 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 Nov 2014, 17:05 ]

Sneinton can boast two new bridges across the rail tracks, but where do you go from there?

Sneinton is surrounded to the north, west and south by busy roads and rail tracks, but the biggest barrier is the River Trent and the narrow, busy, Ladybay Bridge.

Walking or cycling south from Sneinton could get much easier if the plans for a new footbridge across the Trent can be successfully revived. The idea's been around for a while, but has been given new life by the planned housing developments at Trent Basin, south Sneinton

The idea is supported groups including Nottingham Civic Society, Nottingham Local Access Forum, Nottinghamshire County Local Access Forum, Nottinghamshire Footpaths Preservation Society and Rushcliffe Ramblers. 

What do you think?