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A social boost to independent shops

posted 28 Apr 2013, 01:08 by Unknown user   [ updated 26 May 2013, 02:30 ]
Image by Phil Campbell
Ten independent stores across Nottingham are set to get new 'social screens' if an innovative project by three Sneinton residents wins funding through a 'kickstarter' campaign.

Phil Campbell, Caron Lyon and Daniel Rose (@philcampbell, @pcmcreative and @danielroseart respectively on Twitter) came up with the idea to support independent traders by installing low cost 'Raspberry Pi' computers linked to recycled computer screens. 

What the screens show in each store will vary, but rather than traditional advertising the screens will be the link between the physical shops and their online 'social' presence such as FaceBook and Twitter. 

As Sneinton Alchemy is all too aware, independently owned local businesses bring real economic and social benefits to local communities compared to chain stores owned by national and multinational companies. 

Social media is a great way for these small companies to get their message out to the world, keep customers involved and attract new business. However, its difficult to make the social media visible to customers in-store... this is where the social screens idea comes in.

Find out much more about the project and how you could become a supporter (from as little as £1) on the Kickstarter website.

Image by Phil Campbell
Top: A Raspberry Pi computer is used to run the social screens
Bottom: A prototype Social Screen at Hartleys Cafe

Update: 60 funders backed the project, raising nearly £2300.

Phil writes:

"*funded at 6:20am thursday 23rd*

we made it.  thank you so much for investing your money and effort to get us to this stage.  you can still donate however.  any additional funds above and beyond £1850 will buy more raspberry pi units at £35 each.  we will then aim to match a raspberry pi with a cheaper/donated monitor outside of the original ten units we are making."