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Arts & culture: Meeting a need in Sneinton

posted 18 May 2015, 04:23 by Unknown user   [ updated 18 May 2015, 04:24 ]

Ballet and drama are coming to St Christopher's Hall this month, thanks to our good friends at the Renewal Trust. Is this what we need in times of austerity? (Hint: yes)

Above: The Birmingham Royal Ballet returns to Sneinton and St Anns, find out more on 22nd May

Above: Unforgettable by Tim Elgood at St Christopher's Hall on 28th May (suitable for ages 15+)
There's a story that when Winston Churchill was asked to cut arts funding during WWII and divert the money to the war effort, he replied "Then what are we fighting for?" The origins of the quote are disputed but the message resonates today as we face more and deeper cuts to our basic services and with the arts under increasing pressure, all in the name of austerity.

A new family foodbank was launched in Sneinton this week - a fantastic effort by local volunteers working with the Salvation Army and Hope Nottingham... a demonstration of what can be done locally to support the community but also a sign of the times when basic needs like food are becoming increasingly unaffordable. As Cllr David Mellen put it on Twitter, a new foodbank raises some mixed feelings:

Above: Opening of the new Family Foodbank

So the two arts events come at an interesting time for Sneinton- some might argue that we should be cutting back on anything but the basic needs for food and shelter; but in times of austerity surely we should be offering something to fight for: a vision of hope, human achievement and expression to bring the community together?