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Alchemy in the mix at dOSH: Saving a local landmark

posted 29 Apr 2018, 14:08 by Unknown user   [ updated 29 Apr 2018, 15:02 ]

Sneinton Alchemy is a partner in the dOSH community alliance: Developing the Old School Hall

dOSH logo
Above: The Old School Hall, with Green's Mill in the background
Above: Network diagram of dOSH  organisations (click to explore)
As a CIC (Community Interest Company) benefitting the Sneinton area, Alchemy has brought a unique angle to the Develop the Old School Hall team. 

The dOSH 'Community Alliance' itself is an un-constituted group made up of representatives from seven local organisations. The group formed to unite the community and find common ground amidst the swirl of opinions and upsets caused when the Hall was closed down as a Community Centre. 

This work is paying off and concrete plans are being drawn up for a sustainable use for this historic local landmark building. The Hall has been recognised as an Asset of Community Value, so whatever happens the new use has to prove significant community benefit.

Sneinton Alchemy brings a long track record of handling grant funding and commissioning project work within the area. It's legal structure also includes an 'asset lock', should it be needed. This ensures that any assets the CIC buys are held for community benefit only, and cannot be sold for individual private gain.

The other six organisations represented in the dOSH alliance are:

Old School Hall Community Association