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2013 a vintage Sneinton Festival year

posted 14 Jul 2013, 16:20 by Unknown user   [ updated 7 Mar 2014, 05:58 ]
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They said it couldn't be done... but the 2013 Sneinton Festival has been a triumph.

After an excellent 2012 festival, organisation of the 2013 event was rather slow to get off the ground- early meetings to form this year's committee didn't generate a lot of response and, with the clock ticking down, some doubted whether the 2013 festival would come together at all.

So huge congratulations are due to the committee this year- who have pulled off a remarkable festival week. By focussing a lot of hard work on a smaller number of key events, roping in some excellent talent, having luck with the weather and just simply going for it- they were able to turn out a vintage quality festival. Another example of what the remarkable people of Sneinton can achieve.

LEFT: A reminder, if we needed it, from the Human Camera's "enchanted forest" project, that WE LOVE SNEINTON!

We hope that the buzz around this year's festival will help in getting things off the ground again earlier next year. Sneinton Alchemy has been helping out through our Community Organisers and by providing a permanent home for a Sneinton Festival web page. This will hopefully help bridge the gap into Sneinton Festival 2014.

In the meantime: Well done again to the Sneinton Festival 2013 committee and thank you from the community you have served so well.