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Best Foot Forward for walks around Sneinton & St Anns

posted 26 Oct 2016, 07:48 by Tom Hughes   [ updated 26 Oct 2016, 07:51 ]

Free Wednesday weekly walks are part of the 'Living Well' initiative...

We've been contacted by Nicky Newberry of Age UK who organise the walks:

"The walks are free and for all ages. (walkers under 14years must be accompanied by an adult). They are suitable for all abilities whether they are a regular walkers or not.

"The walks offer a chance to meet people and maybe see a different areas.  The St Ann’s & Sneinton walk is a little more strenuous than some as the walk usually includes a visit to Greens Windmill site.

"Meet on Wednesdays at Victoria Leisure Centre to set off at 10:30 am. New walkers will need to complete a registration form on arrival so please come a little earlier.

"Anyone wishing to find out more can call me (Mon – Weds) on the number below or just turn up at the start of the walk. You can also find out more here: Best Foot Forward | Walking for Health"

FREE Public Exhibition at Central Library

posted 1 Sep 2016, 07:07 by Shabana Najib   [ updated 1 Sep 2016, 07:24 ]

Mapping Nottingham's Identity
Mapping Nottingham’s Identity is an initiative that aims at bringing together all those involved with public spaces in Nottingham. We have worked very closely with Nottingham Trent University and Sneinton community groups and organisations, some of which include:
  • Green's Windmill
  • Salvation Army
  • William Booth Memorial Complex
  • Sneinton Market
  • TRACs Neighbourhood Centre
  • Growin' Spaces
  • Sneinton Festival
  • Hermitage Community Centre
  • SEND project and more. 
Together we have had some great conversations about how we can make the most of our public spaces. During this process we were able to bring you some community furniture made from donated wooden pallets. You may have followed our progress on this through our previous blogs. 
However, if you missed the unveiling of our community furniture at the Sneinton Festival fear not! We will be showcasing the furniture (as well as the process) throughout September at Central Library.

Don't miss our launch this Saturday 3 September 11-1pm at Central Library, including a guided tour.

Although the exhibition marks the final stages of this project we hope that this will be the beginning of a great partnership between Nottingham Trent University, neighbourhoods like Sneinton and the general public, which will last for a few more years, giving us the chance to create a platform for dialogues between communities across Nottingham. 

For more details on our work so far, please visit us at: 

or contact Shabana at

Old School Hall - is demolition the only option?

posted 30 Aug 2016, 05:05 by Tom Hughes   [ updated 30 Aug 2016, 05:06 ]

The historic Sneinton Community Centre is closing in mid September. What's going on, and what does the future hold for the site?

Word's got out that the Old School Hall community centre near to Green's Mill is going to close in mid September. The Council has taken the decision to close the building on safety grounds following surveyor's reports that put the bill (for repairs alone) at £400,000. 

The medium term plan is to demolish the building in 2017, unless a viable new use can be put forward by the local community for a self-funding and presumably community-benefitting operation. Any ideas...?

Up-cycled Pallets Ready for Unveiling

posted 28 Jul 2016, 15:33 by Tom Hughes   [ updated 28 Jul 2016, 15:34 ]

Community Organiser Shabana Najib would like to invite you along...

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent consultation. There was a really productive meeting at the TRACs neighbourhood centre, with NTU staff and researchers, community organisers and Sneinton based community groups all coming together to look at the design options created by the NTU students.

The various options were creative and interesting, ranging from a curvy community table to a very simple box made of recycled wood. All the designs showed a lot of promise and only after much debate were we able to settle on a single option to take forward. At the end of the day, simplicity, flexibility and ease of manufacture and transport won out. The chosen design also took into consideration using locally sourced, discarded materials that could be up-cycled for local use. Great for the environment, great for the community and great on the pocket!
So, what now?

Well, thanks to Two J's Supermarket for their donation of 12 pallets, NTU's architectural expertise and Sneinton Alchemy's local know how we've combined our efforts to bring you some inspired pieces of furniture!

We will be unveiling the furniture this Saturday 30th July at Tricketts Park, behind the Greenway Centre on Trent Lane, NG2 4DF.

Hope to see you there!

'Community Furniture' to be unveiled at Sneinton Festival

posted 22 Jul 2016, 08:04 by Tom Hughes   [ updated 28 Jul 2016, 08:01 ]

The results of a community design session on Wednesday will be unveiled at Sneinton Festival on Saturday 30th July...

Nottingham Trent University held a session for people to help design a piece of "community furniture" for Sneinton, as part of the Mapping Nottingham's Identity project.

Students from NTU's School of Architecture and the Built environment had worked with staff to interview local groups and work out some ideas for a small piece of modular 'furniture'. The idea is that the pieces will be stored by the groups and brought to local events to join together and make stages, seating and tables. A design guide will also be prepared so that people can make their own at home from recycled palette wood.

12 pallets were donated by 2J's supermarket - these are being reclaimed and assembled at the NTU workshop. A number of prototypes will be on show for the public to test out at the Sneinton Festival - find us at the Sneinton Alchemy and Sneinton Identity stalls!

Above: Community design in progress at TRACs

Above: Pallet donation from 2J's 

Above: Pallet reclamation at NTU workshops

Left: Community Design session in progress, design options on the floor at TRACs!

Alchemy working with NTU in Sneinton

posted 29 Jun 2016, 03:02 by Tom Hughes   [ updated 29 Jun 2016, 03:07 ]

Alchemy is working with Nottingham Trent University on an exciting project to map identities across Nottingham. Our Community Organising skills are helping with local community engagement in Sneinton.

The project has kicked off with a walking tour of Sneinton led by Community Organiser Shabana - visiting Green's Mill, William Booth Birthplace Museum, Dale Allotments, St Christopher's Church Hall, The Greenway Centre and Hermitage Square. 

Involving research staff and students from NTU, the project will culminate with an exhibition at Nottingham's Central Library in September. 
Above: Students and staff from NTU visit Stevie from Growin' Spaces at Dale Allotments

World Food: The Event

posted 27 Apr 2016, 13:57 by Tom Hughes

Dales Ward Councillors come together with Growin' Spaces and Sneinton Alchemy to offer a free evening of world music and food to share.

On Thursday evenings the Growin' Spaces cafe at St Christopher's Hall will have an unusual twist - with free food from around the world being dished up courtesy of our local Councillors.

It will be a great chance to catch up with friends and neighbours, to celebrate our broad culinary and musical diversity, and also find out about some local events and plans:
  • The Joint Service Centre proposals will be explained, featuring the Sneinton and Bakersfield libraries moving to the current Sneinton Police Station on the Dale. You can have your say on what you want to see at the new centre.
  • Find about about the Our Sneinton Project
  • What is Sneinton Alchemy's new Health Initiative all about? 
Everyone is welcome, and it's free!

What do you get out of volunteering in Sneinton?

posted 23 Apr 2016, 08:50 by Tom Hughes   [ updated 23 Apr 2016, 09:00 ]

A really positive Community Cohesion Event today at Sneinton Hermitage: People from a number of centres and projects across the area come together to discuss volunteering needs, barriers and a potential in the area.

Round table: Groups from across Sneinton

SEND's Supporting Sneinton project brought together TRACs Neighbourhood Centre, Sneinton Hermitage Community Centre, The Greenway Centre along with Sneinton Alchemy, Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum, Sneinton Bikers, St Christopher's Church, NOOR group, Colwick Woods and others. 

A particular highlight was hearing volunteering experiences from Charlotte and Svetlana, both quite recent arrivals in Sneinton who had very valuable experiences to share, some positive and some negative, of 'getting stuck in' to community  volunteering work. With funding for communities declining and needs increasing at the same time, all recognised that volunteers will become increasingly vital locally - but volunteers deserve proper support and development in exchange for their input and loyalty.

Volunteers Svetlana and Charlotte at Sneinton Hermitage

This volunteer support is difficult to provide for organisations whose resources are already stretched in delivering services to the community... The Supporting Sneinton project, despite focussing on just 3 local centres, has shown that collaboration can raise recruitment of volunteers and the quality of their experience. 

Volunteering needs, barriers  and ideas for the future...

The ambition is to develop a Sneinton Community Volunteering Hub which will be open to a wide range of centres and groups in the area. This has to potential to recruit and retain more volunteers, to find them opportunities appropriate to their skills and commitment levels, and to ensure good volunteer management processes. 

Volunteer Management Workshop will be held by Supporting Sneinton on Tuesday 26th April from 10am – 1pm at The Greenway Centre. 

For more information on this workshop or the Volunteering Hub plans, please contact Stacey (see details below).

Meet the builders transforming Trent Basin

posted 1 Feb 2016, 10:38 by Tom Hughes   [ updated 2 Feb 2016, 09:52 ]

Trent Basin down at Sneinton's riverside is being redeveloped to create a new community of eco friendly houses.  We went along to find out more...

Plans for the transformation of this former industrial site were first put on display in September 2013... and received a positive reaction - you can read our review of them here.

It's great to see the first phase of houses now coming out of the ground, built by Wilmott Dixon builders. We were really pleased (and pleasantly surprised) to get a call from Jayne Stocks, Wilmott Dixon's Community Liaison Manager inviting us down to find out more. 

Jayne is responsible for making links to local community groups and organisations, and had seen the 'Our Sneinton' newsletter which prompted her to get in touch.

We met with Jayne and her colleague Shaun Moses, the Senior Build Manager on the project in the Victorian "Trent Lane Villa", one of the very few existing houses in the area, which is currently being used as the site office and information centre. We discussed the development and how it could open up the riverside to the public in the future, and how Sneinton Alchemy and the Our Sneinton project might help build a sense of community for the first pioneering residents. 

Wilmott Dixon can also offer a range of ways to get the existing community involved from early stages, such as site visits and work experience... so watch this space for future opportunities and events. We also hope to be able to display information about the development at the Our Sneinton event on 11th February...
Above from L to R: David Thomas (Our Sneinton), Jayne Stocks (Wilmott Dixon Community Liason), Steve Smith (Director, Sneinton Alchemy), Shaun Moses (Wilmott Dixon Build Manager)

Below: The site masterplan, which will be built in several phases over the next few years (plan from 2013 consultation).

Ancient woodland, community centres: This is Sneinton

posted 23 Jan 2016, 12:23 by Tom Hughes   [ updated 23 Jan 2016, 12:49 ]

2 defining features of our area: Ancient woodland on our doorstep at Colwick Woods & an active community centre at The Greenway. Both need support at their 2016 AGMs...

1. Friends of Colwick Woods AGM: 1/2/2016


TO BE HELD 6.30 pm Monday 1st February at the Bakersfield and Neighbourhood Community Association (BANCA) 312 Sneinton Dale 

The Friends group celebrated 11 years of action in 2015 and this year will be more important than ever, with plenty of threats and opportunities. We will continue our campaigns to get site improvements and find new uses for the former bowling green. 

We will of course continue to do practical conservation work and hold events to bring people onto this wonderful place.

  1. Reports and statements of account for 2015
  2. Election of officers to the organising committee
  3. Matters arising
  4. Any other business
  5. Date of next annual general meeting
Items of business must be notified in writing to the secretary, Edmund Hopkins, at least 7 days before the AGM. 

Correspondence address 13 Avondale Road, Carlton, Nottingham NG4 1AE, 


2. The Greenway Centre AGM: 20/2/2016

Everyone is welcome – whether you would like to join the Board or just want to hear about events happening at Greenway. Refreshments will be served.

The AGM will be followed by a short meeting to welcome new members and discuss up and coming events.

If you cannot make the AGM but would like to become a Friend of Greenway please contact Steve Smith or Rose Fearon on 0115 910 3667


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