Sneinton Calendar

This "What's on in Sneinton" calendar includes information on local activities, including Sneinton Alchemy's public meetings and social events. Anyone can subscribe to this calendar by clicking on the +Google button found at the bottom right of the calendar box.

To add your event to the calendar, please email

We include anything (legal) that's community interest and/or free to access, taking place in the Sneinton area. If in doubt, get in touch.

NB as of December 2015 some people have reported that this calendar is showing as a blank page. This is a global issue that the Google Calendars team is a aware of, it only  affects some users and they are working on a fix. Sorry! You can try using an 'InPrivate' (I.E),  'incognito' (Chrome) or 'Private' (Safari, Firefox) browser window.