The impact of my work

posted 31 Mar 2013, 05:11 by Steve Smith   [ updated 23 Apr 2013, 00:41 ]

The impact my work has had during the last 12 months – Steve Smith

The work my team have been carrying out has identified (not exclusively) a need to get the area clean, promote recycling, promote cohesion, and to engage the youths and those working in the youth sector to come up with positive activities for the youths. I am working with several VCO project leads who are motivated to take action and the following constituted community action groups have been formed.

The work my team has identified is:
  • a need to get the area clean,
  • promote recycling
  • promote cohesion
  • to engage the youths (and those working in the youths) to come up with positive activities for them

I am working with several new project leaders who are motivated to take action and the following community action groups have been formed: -

The Prettier Whittier Group.

A group of residents have come together to get their streets clean and “prettier” by organising a series of street clean/pride events annually. 

Right up my Street

A Sneinton-wide street clean/pride programme. Coming to a street near you. 

The VBA Group

This group has a far reaching remit to help youths directly or through signposting into employment, training and into positive activities with integration and cohesion at its core.  If you are aged 14 to 25 and would like to to sign up for music recording studio course and web radio please contact Micky at

Sneinton Community Hub

Sneinton residents have set up a Saturday Hub which is seeking to offer much needed services to the community such as a form filling service, free PC and internet, international foods, games and fun activities.


Sneinton EBIZ

Sneinton EBIZ is inspired by KIVO-EBIZ, which was started when one of the Trustees of an under-threat community building, Steph Hryschko, decided to clear out her garage and sell the contents on e-bay. And so KIVO EBIZ was formed in 2009 raising £5000 in the first 6 weeks. In 2012 KIVO-EBIZ raised a staggering £75,000 selling the residents of Kiverton (Sheffield) unwanted goods.

Many of the newly forming community groups in Sneinton are considering selling unwanted goods via ebay as a way of becoming sustainable

Other ways that our work has impacted on Sneinton is helping to mobilise committee members for Sneinton Hermitage and signposting residents to local services. In the coming 12 months we will be encouraging community centres to step up the activities aimed at supporting the needs of the community