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Case Study - Shape of Sneinton Leaflet

A full colour A3 size leaflet, folded twice to produce an A5 booklet. Featuring maps, graphics, photos and text prepared specifically for this publication.

The work would be carried out by Nottingham Essence and 2hD, Sneinton based businesses run by local residents.

Audience and distribution: 
The guide is aimed at local residents and visitors alike. Residents were targeted through a mail drop to every house in the area, and by using the map as a poster in local public and business premises. Visitors were targeted by distribution to other venues and attractions in Nottingham.

Local awareness of Sneinton's history and points of interest enhanced, newcomers and temporary residents welcomed and encouraged to engage locally. Visitors encouraged to spend more time and money in Sneinton, in particular building on the landmark draw of the windmill.

You can download the leaflet in PDF form from our Publications Page.