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Sneinton Training

Friday 5th June marked the end of our first accredited training programme or VTP (Volunteer Training Programme).  13 residents living or working in Sneinton have been completing a level 3 course in the Foundations of Community Organising that covered listening and engagement skills, understanding power and barriers and the history of community development.  The participant have done great over the last 6 months and the possibilities from having 13 more qualified Community Organisers in the area are endless. 

Volunteers Deborah and Abdullie in group discussion during the Volunteer Training Programme .

To mark the end of the VTP we invited the trainees to attend a Mass Meet Up of Community Organisers from all over the country

For more information about community organising in Sneinton check out Sneinton Community Organisers (on Facebook) or go to http://www.cocollaborative.org.uk/

Local Volunteers attend Mass Meet Up connecting them with community activists from across the country
Below Setty (Lets Shine and Give a Smile),  Yemmy Sneinton Foodbank) Clive (Volunteer Training Programme) and Stevie D (Growing Spaces) take part in the INUKA workshop at the CoCo Mass Meet Up event in Stone (near Stoke on Trent).  Their stories touched the audience (many were in tears). Their stories are inspiring other activists from around the country.
Setty, Yemmie, Clive and Stevie during INUKA workshop in Sone, Yarnfield Park
Below is a "Talking Picture" of a previous INUKA workshop which is delivered by Sneinton Alchemy trainers Steve Smith and Dave Jones
More interesting training opportunities are coming to Sneinton soon! Contact steve.smith@sneinton-alchemy.com for more info, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and check back here regularly...

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