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Support and Maintenance for the Independent Living of the Elderly

Keep Smiling in 2022

Sneinton Alchemy has re-launched the SMILE 2 which aims to improve social connections and reduce increasing levels of loneliness and isolation in Sneinton which is highlighted as having a high risk of loneliness (Age UK Loneliness Map indicator areas 029A/D) which has been further impacted by Covid-19. The project will last 12 months. It hopes to improve the lives of some people affected by loneliness, who, once they have been ‘listened to’ will either be:
supported to get an activity or group off the ground.
provide a local befriender placement.
signposted to a social group.
See the poster for more info

The overall vision for the SMILE project is to
  1. Recruit volunteers wishing to support the elderly
  2. Take care of DBS checking
  3. Arrange training including effective engagement skills, safeguarding and equality and diversity
  4. Engage the elderly to find areas of need.
  5. Liaise with Care homes and the NHS
  6. Arrange a volunteer placement
The first funded SMILE project was  "intergenerational": 
Bringing Young and Senior Citizens Together ended in 2016. 

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