Word from the grass roots VCO's Jim and Lee Vernon

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Today I am a very proud dad.....my son, Lee is about to deliver his first Coffee Barrista training course to some Community Volunteers (currently unemployed)....for free!

I have seen him, in just over one year, go from being one the 2 million plus 16-24 year olds unemployed that are bounced around from training scheme to training scheme (even apprenticeships that led to nowhere) to owning his own Coffee Bar and even developing his own brand of coffee! And now he is giving training to unemployed people in the community, and supporting the (soon to be) Job Club (run by a not for profit social enterprise for the benefit of the local community).

He is also one of a growing army of Volunteer community organisers (under the banner of Locality) supported by the Sneinton Alchemy community organisation

This despite being under the doctor and awaiting possibly surgery. I call him affectionately 'my pocket battle ship'......

Igneus have supported us too, providing people from their work experience programs to enable us to pilot the program. So a big thank you to them (Simon) for their forward thinking.

Lee's course has been mapped to National Occupational Standards (NOS) and has units and elements that can count towards several of the NVQs and BTECs.

I will sign off with the words of one of his first trainees who has gone on to get her first full time employment since leaving school at 16 and being unable to secure a job, she felt was because on interviews it was the old story " What experience do you have?".

"Aww lee
I didn't even know that you gave me a reference, I put your name down though, so I thought they might ring you. 
Thanks loads, yeah I got the job, it's good but not as fun as it was working with you lol 
But if it wasn't for you and your dad, I wouldn't have had the experience or got the job.. Even now at work I still work the way that you taught me.. I have complete faith in you and your business and we all know that soon you will be a millionaire. You can use my name when ever you like lol just a big thanks, your restaurant was my first experience of working and I'll never forget it xx"
Tia Grant

If you want to support OATS, or volunteer to help your community, or want to use our Job club or access various training courses please drop in and speak to us at 7 Oakdale, next door to Nisa in the Old "Rio" Cinema building. And Find us on Facebook - "OATS"

Jim Vernon (Snr).