Volunteer Community Organisers Celebration Event

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Volunteer Community Organisers Celebration Event,

at BabuJi’s Restaurant,

 1st September 2013

10 of our Community Organiser Volunteers who were key at the Sneinton Festival were awarded certificates at the meal. This was a great opportunity for our team to reflect and evaluate on how the festival went bring forward ideas for Sneinton Festival 2014.

Sneinton Festival Feedback

What do we want to see next year?

“To book a big headliner now (like Rude-e-mental), then we can easily get support from sponsors like Eon, Capital One, Confetti etc like we did for the Caribbean Carnival this year at short notice).”



“Next year can we do something to include the Asian Community especially considering Eid and Ramadan. Also we should try harder to include the Polish and Roma communities”



“The Library could play a bigger part in promoting the event, if we had more banners and leaflets (in different Languages)                                                                                                                Carry on with workshops at the library as they went well this year “        



“Let’s sort out the after-party!

Better promotion. Radio Adverts, Banners on the side of refuse trucks?”



“The Parade needs a single coordinator next year – more communication. More floats – we can get ones with seats. Also make it louder, more colourful and have different dancers like Zumba, Salsa etc..”                                                                                                                                                Jordan


“Love the idea of having a main act, but it is still important to give people from Sneinton a platform – let’s book Sneinton Bands. Also we could have more for children such as soft-play in the hall, and a paddling pool.”                                                                                                                    Simone


“Need better Bouncy Castles and Inflatable’s”



“Next year should have more extravagant parade, louder, more visual, stronger dancers. Should have dance workshops leading up to the event as there were a few years ago.

We could have an outside cinema.

Get kids on the committee. “A dedicated children’s team to decorate the float.”


“It is possible to have the event at Colwick Race course (“a Day at the Races”), or Colwick top. We could get a fun-fair back (there used to be one many years ago on Colwick top).

We need to make the parade more exciting”


“Lots more children’s activities

More effort on the parade

Promote in different languages

Have a big headlining act “



“We are setting up a radio station out of TRACS this year – so could use this to promote the festival – in other languages too, like Polish and Czech.

We might be able to get £25 000 to run the festival from a friend who has money in property who would like to sponsor projects.

We could replicate Nuneaton Urban Arts festival – they charge £5 and have big names”


“Have a petting Zoo”


“A Big headliner.  More volunteers “


“We could get a Christmas tree and have a lights switch-on event in the Hermitage Square”

Big thanks to all that attended including Councillor Gul Khan and Haleem Salim for the lovely food.


If you have any ideas, suggestions or would like to get involved with Sneinton Festival 2014 please contact:

Dave Jones:    07738729828


Simone Miller: 07738729850