United Sneinton: May 4th is the day!

posted 25 Mar 2014, 04:22 by Unknown user   [ updated 25 Apr 2014, 07:19 ]
Save the day: An event is coming that will celebrate Sneinton's rich mix of cultures and communities... 
A group of Sneinton residents has come together to improve understanding and cooperation across Sneinton. Now they are planning a special day aimed at bringing together their communities to share their cultures, and to talk and work together.

Supported by the Community Organisers through Sneinton Alchemy's "Integrating Communities" project, they have listened carefully to friends and family within their own communities, and met to represent, discuss and understand the issues, both shared and different. 
Above: The group has met to share food, opinions & ideas 
Left: The event poster
Bottom: Planning the May 4th event

Integrating Communities is supported by the Big Lottery, through the Awards for All programme.
For more information, contact the CO team
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