Sneinton’s very own Community Organising team is here to listen!

posted 31 Oct 2012, 17:55 by Unknown user   [ updated 31 Oct 2012, 17:57 ]
As a Trainee Community Organiser I am here to listen to what you love and value about where you live; any concerns you have about the area and any ideas that you have to make positive changes within the community. I work for you! 

"Together we can achieve common goals and make a real difference to the Sneinton community. However, this can only be achieved by having your say; your voice matters!"

I can see the beauty and challenges that lie within Sneinton and hope to build your trust so that together we can mobilise positive action within the community from ideas that have come from residents themselves.  

You will find our team out door knocking in Sneinton. If you see one of us knocking please take this opportunity to have your say. We’re not here to raise your expectations and promise you the world but we are here to help build on your vision for Sneinton. 

We’ve had some doors slammed shut in our faces; residents telling us that no-one cares about the area and people losing hope - but please know that we are here to listen to everyone. 

We come with no agenda of our own and are a tool for you to use to voice your concerns, views and project ideas. How do we know what we can achieve until we try?

Already I have met some wonderful people who care so much about Sneinton and want to be a part of the growing movement of positive change. You could be one of these people too!

Shabana, Community Organiser