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SMILE UK – Support & Maintenance for the Independent Living of the Elderly in the UK

SMILE UK intends to bring joy to our senior citizens. Volunteer Community Organiser Richard was the catalyst that joined forces with Steve, Simon and Simone (Community Organisers in Sneinton) all have parents and grandparents that are dependent on support and have witnessed huge gaps within the care plans of their loved ones.

The initial ideas are to help the flow of information to ensure that service providers and users are aware of each other. We will also recruit and organise a network of volunteers wishing to support the elderly.

We will put on events, organise trips and workshops and much more...

Please help us to support OUR golden oldies. Today it’s them, tomorrow it’s us...


NEWS....... Bloomers Day Care Centre for the Elderly is planning a Christmas party for the elderly folks in Sneinton at the Greenway Centre, Trent Lane Sneinton.

 If you would like to help out in anyway please contact Sharon 07816047478 or email or Face Book


Please share your views, ideas and advice on SMILE UK Forum on Face Book

If you would like to volunteer to help with SMILE UK, please contact Simone: 07738729850