Residents come out to clean up the area

posted 23 Oct 2014, 10:23 by Steve Smith   [ updated 23 Oct 2014, 14:13 by Unknown user ]
Sneinton Community Organisers join the local councillors and many Sneintonians to clean up Sneinton.

Community Organisers did some consultation with residents and learnt  that much of the rubbish on their premises had actually been chucked over the low walls by people walking past.  Litter has long been Sneinton's main concern but there are many passionate people wanting to change this.  Groups such as Prettier Whittier, WIND , STOP and STARA have been doing their bit for some time but it is clear that to get the area cleaner attitudes need to change.  If you have any ideas on how to get the area clean or would like to organise your own clean up please don't hesitate to get in touch.  If you are on facebook you can get updates on environmental issues in the Right Up My Street, Area Pride Group, or you can keep visiting this website which has regular updates about environmental and other issues concerning Sneinton.