Pecha Kucha 8 comes to Sneinton

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Curated by Jim Shorthose

Supported by The Creative Quarter

Ever been to one of those networking events and only spoken to people you already knew? Ever been to one of those networking events and not spoken to anyone at all?

Pecha Kucha Nottingham does things differently - a simple, playful, exploratory, forward-looking Powerpoint presentation of 20 slides, speaking for 20 seconds per slide – this is the tool with which we ask people to tell us all something about themselves, where they are coming from and what we can do together. Then a few more… then a break for drinks and a chat about what we have just heard…

Pretty soon the whole room is talking to each other.

Pecha Kucha events are not stuffy, not boring, we promise no cheap white wine will be served. They are not even really about the presentations - it is all about the sound of chit-chat stimulated by the presentations.

Whether for generally finding out what the rest of creative businesses in Nottingham are up to, or you’re interested in more specific business-to-business collaborations; or you’ve got a new project you want to tell everyone about; or you just want to get more connected – Pecha Kucha events could be for you.

Pecha Kucha Nottingham is supported by The Creative Quarter, and is charged with bringing the creative and science-tech industries of Nottingham together to support collaboration, innovation and closer cross-sectoral working to solve complex social, economic and human problems.

If you think you might want the do an actual Pecha Kucha presentation - 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide remember = only 6 mins. 40 secs. – and it can be about pretty much whatever you want, however whacky…

Or if you are just interested about hearing more and coming along…

PKN 8 – Sneinton Market 2.0: Culture, Commerce, Community

The 8th event of Creative Quarter's Pecha Kucha Nottingham series is on Friday 28th November, between 5.30 and 7.30pm, at One BC Clothing, 9 Gedling St. Sneinton Market, Nottingham NG1 1DS.

The theme for this event will be Sneinton Market 2.0: Culture, Commerce, Community, The speakers will include,

  • Sneinton Market Traders Association

  • Creative projects based in and around Sneinton

  • Sneinton Market-based retailers

  • Policy-makers, planners and architects dealing with Sneintion Market re-developments

  • People from more street-oriented creative projects and cultural plans

  • Other civic organisations with a stake in the area

Listen to ideas and have your say about what is to happen to Sneinton Market now... get involved >>> learn from each other >>> give and receive >>> grow together >>> create an environment >>> benefit from the creative ecology

Nottingham is a member city within the global Pecha Kucha Network. Check it out at

If you have ideas for future events, contact Jim on

All the events are free of charge >>> have nice drinks and food >>> come along to listen, stay around to discuss >>> have fun on Friday.

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