Meeting of the people

posted 3 Sept 2013, 06:00 by Unknown user   [ updated 4 Sept 2013, 01:48 ]

Back in April 2013, Iris (manager/cook of Devine Nibbles cafe on Sneinton Dale) suggested we do a "meeting of the people" at Devine Cafe.  So weekly, open meetings began, and have been running ever since.  Currently it's from 11-1pm on Tuesdays, and I buy the teas and coffees and listen to those who drop in, both regulars and fresh-faces! 

Over 40 people have been listened to so far , and various projects have been discussed and developed.

Examples of some of the main ideas are:

“Pioneer corps” for young people to get adventure training and trips.

“Landlord watch” 

A new building on the Dale to house community activities from sports, to arts and crafts, for all ages.

A new park near the Dale area

“Great give-away” – items could be donated and given away to the needy

Bingo sessions at the Cafe

Helping young people when they first get in trouble with the law, to offer them advice and guidance and another path

A dog exercise and training park

Flats for the elderly on the Dale

Shops coming together to discuss common issues

Coach trips for adults, also separately for families

Currently we are working on this last one (Coach trip to Blackpool) as being the easiest to get going, but hopefully longterm some of these other ideas will find the support and organisation needed to get them off the ground too.