Kind gestures build community spirit

posted 25 Nov 2012, 09:34 by Unknown user
I first became aware of the work of Community Organisers when a guy walked into our 'Sunflower Cafe' at Church which we run each week for local residents. I agreed to do a listening and was enthused to hear that things were happening and had the potential to happen in Sneinton. 

I grew up in this area, went to school here and my parents and Church friends live locally. Having moved away to Derby to study, marry and become a Dad of two, I ended up coming "home" a couple of years ago. 

Sneinton has changed a lot, and since becoming a VCO earlier this year it has been great to meet people from all walks of life when doing listenings. 

A lot of positive stuff is happening! My initial project idea, along with a mate, came when I'd heard of a lady whose hanging basket had been stolen. Amazingly a new one was replaced by some 'good samaritan' who left a note saying they had  'Done an Alyn?' How great it would be if folk did kind gestures for each other to build Community Spirit!

Paul, Voluntary Community Organiser

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