Individual power... environmental power !!! youtube: 'Micky Grim - Pollution'

posted 25 Feb 2013, 08:18 by Unknown user   [ updated 26 Feb 2013, 01:03 by Unknown user ]

Micky is a local rapper, poet, social commentator in Nottingham. His piece, Pollution, demonstrates the power of the individual... 

Micky wrote the script - the words he speaks are his own; he himself directed the short; and having assembled equipment and crew, he clearly wields influence over others in manifesting a platform for his voice.   Pollution's opening credits indicate a local digital production unit - a sophisticated means to enable the instant expression of his political/environmental viewpoint, his anger and frustration, and with the addition of a morse-styled sound clip overlaying the titles - more usually indicating international news emission - he is clearly playing with mass media protocols from the get go. So, individual power confronts institutional power here.

Micky stands alone, speaking to camera next to a big ugly chimney - the local incinerator. 

'This ain't fresh air it's shitty, a giant cigarette in the middle of my city' [...] 

This language and this style speaks to local people - especially the young. Quite what impact Micky's work has on local young people remains to be seen, as it is viewed privately, but we COs know he is popular and respected character. I have also seen his work impact upon local dignitaries - councillors and the new police commissioner.  Meetings, including all of us, are planned in the new year.