A Catalyst for Ideas - Andrew McCartney

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I have been a resident in Sneinton 
now for the past five years. I love it here, blessed as I am to live in a wonderful house and among amazing people.  I am passionate about the human condition and that it can all be about the possibility and realisation of love in all that we think, feel and carry out.

During my time here I have been developing this as an idea which I call Catalyst. I am always on the look out for ways in which humans
can realise love for self and others and so was very excited to be introduced to the Community Organisers process some weeks ago. As
social beings, humans have a very deep need to interact and socialise with others. A Sufi master once coined this as 'colliding purposing'.

Further to my listenings with Steve Smith and Dave Jones, it became apparent that there would be a great opportunity to develop a
'Community Hub' in Sneinton and to this end I have taken on the role of project leading the extent to which this could be achieved. Whilst
Nina, Emma and Roy are focused on getting this project off the ground at the Sneinton Hermitage on Saturdays between 11am and 4pm, I am carrying out further research into what additional needs could be fulfilled by this service. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss
this with you further and can be contacted on 07864 114745 or catalystforideas@gmail.com. I am also often at the 'Hub' on Saturdays
enjoying a chat, coffee pool and table-tennis with my boys and others residents. Maybe we could 'bump' into each other then!
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11 Mar 2013, 03:16