Hello from David Jones

posted 30 Jan 2013, 02:46 by Unknown user   [ updated 22 Mar 2013, 09:29 by Unknown user ]
I am a new, “trainee community organiser” started a month ago. I would just like to introduce myself and share a few of my experiences working in the community, then I am going to just say a bit about the work I have done this month...

I have been privileged to have been doing community work for 7 years now in Sneinton, and have been especially interested in promoting community projects like our local community Festival. I began at TRACS (charity no. 1104798) working on a local newsletter and since then we have delivered probably 50,000 community flyers/newsletters etc (sorry, but at least they’re not pizza flyers). 

In my spare time in am involved with Nottingham Community Cafe Network, with the idea to promote 'third places', not home, not work, but accessible places where community can happen! I also support various community centres with volunteering and committee work.

A few years ago I thought leaflets and flyers weren't enough, and as community activists we needed to go door-to-door to really talk with people and let them know what's going on, and find out what their ideas are. So I was really excited to learn about the Community Organiser programme,

I feel privileged that I am now being trained to really listen to the community and do politics (with a small p) in the way it should be done!

What do i love about Sneinton? I love its sense of community, its summer festival, and some of the things nearby like the Colwick woods and lakes.

However my concerns include poverty in every sense of the word, also a lack of certain key resources (e.g a football pitch, and a public space on the Dale). I am also concerned about integration of new communities, and my own and others health.

My vision for the area is some fancy new facilities, also the idea that people will be happy in themselves and fulfilled - united with each other by what they love rather than divided over culture and religion and nationality.

If I could do one project now and make it happen I would set up some sports clubs for all ages, and communities

That is enough about me: I have listened to a few people now and have met some interesting people and am supporting some very passionate new community leaders. I hope in my next blog post to give them a platform to tell their stories.

Some project ideas I have heard include a campaign by parents to do up Windmill park which after three years heavy use is starting to get run down. People near the Academy would also like bins where the children can dispose of their chip shop wrappings. People would also like the redevelopment of the scraps of land near the centre of Seninton - the old Dale farm, and the Aeborn factory site, both on the Dale.  They want this redevelopment to be beneficial not anti-social (e.g. no car parking, noisy activities) and so want proper consultation.

Please contact me if you would like to tell me your loves, concerns, vision and ideas, or about anything else I might be able to help you with - I’m on david.jones@corganisers.org.uk and on 07738729828.