CO team brings new life to TRACs

posted 13 Jun 2013, 15:31 by Unknown user   [ updated 22 Jun 2013, 18:54 ]
The TRACs neighbourhood centre is having new life breathed in to it by the Community Organiser team. With their office based at the building, they're working to open up more to passers-by and make the shopfront meeting room more welcoming.
TRACs is at 60 Sneinton Hollows, on Hermitage Square. We like to think of it as Sneinton's answer to the iconic Flatiron building in New York city....

Left: Flatiron building, New York                                            Right: TRACs Neighbourhood Centre, Old Sneinton

Why not visit to see for yourself? Drop in on Tuesday 18th June for the next Sneinton Alchemy public meeting with a buffet from 5pm. 

Credits: Flatiron building Rob Young on Flickr