Community Organising has its challenges, but the rewards for Sneinton could be great

posted 31 Oct 2012, 17:49 by Unknown user
In many ways, Community Organising is a rewarding  job: for example when a long-term resident said to me that “it’s the first time I’ve have been asked about my vision for Sneinton”.

And when I watch members of the community coming together to start projects aimed at tackling local issues I feel a sense of pride to know I have played a small part in making it happen. 

But the role is also very challenging. For the Community Organising programme to be effective it must attempt to listen to most residents, and reaching a diverse cross sections of this transient community can be very difficult. 

Not all residents want to engage in local matters for many reasons. In the past, they may have taken part in a consultation that led to nowhere or may simply have lost confidence in politics.  

Prior to the community organising programme, you could inform those in power of your views by attending councillor surgeries and local issues meetings but if these were not for you, you may have been left frustrated that decisions were being made without your views being represented.

Since April I’ve been out and about listening to Sneinton with my ever-expanding team, some of whom have never engaged in community issues before.  We have been knocking on doors, organising house meetings, and listening at bus stops and youth clubs.

You have been sharing your concerns and several projects ideas and leaders have emerged.  I am witnessing the residents of Sneinton taking charge of issues such as supporting new and emerging communities, youth activities, revamping our parks, supporting the elderly,  tackling litter and bike workshops, to mention just a few... 

On a personal note I have great hopes for Sneinton’s future!

Stephen, Community Organiser