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by Dawn Manners, Trainee Community Organiser

photo: Christina and Raf.

I was so glad when Christina moved into our street - that house had been empty for ages and here was this bright young thing - full of life (!!!) - about to bring that new life onto the planet. So much better to have a neighbour than a dark, empty house.

Time passed. Besides living in the street, I started to come and go knocking doors - my new job: listen to people in this area for the next year... Listen to people? Yes, everyone. 

I used to see Christina on her doorstep, smoking a fag, watching life in the street, her little babe tucked up inside. She used to chit chat with my son, and they struck up a friendship - a great ally for a seven year old on a tough street, and a great relief to me as a mum - I used to love seeing them chuckling away together. I also noticed that Christina popped in and out of other neighbours' places - seemed a real upbeat, social type. And unlike most, she was pally with new folks just here from other countries - she can speak Gypsy and a smattering of Asian and Middle Eastern dialects. Cor, what a woman, I thought.

Eventually I stumbled in, listened to Christina and bit by bit she became more involved. It became quickly clear to me that she had loads to offer this neighbourhood... Christina's story on the next blog. 


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