An introduction from Anton.....

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 I have been helping out with Community Organising at TRACS for the last 6 months. I help mentor young people within the community and help out with dealing with Community feedback and organising activities and Community events in Nottingham. We are currently setting up a community radio project and setting up a local music studio at TRACS to help deal with inner city empowerment.

I have been involved in the local music scene over the last ten years and have collaborated with major Nottingham nights including Tektonik, Rubberdub, Detonate, Mimm and more recently Sub: Concious.

I have seen a lot of the talent in this scene which Nottingham has produced; I feel that a lot more artists should have broken through. I host at a massive dub step night in Leeds called Sub dub which has been a pioneer in Dub and Dub step music for over 15 years and still going strong. 

This summer I will be out in Croatia representing our City in one of the biggest festivals in Europe. Outlook festival was voted best European festival of 2012 and was the highlight of the last year for me. I hope that with my help and encouragement other artists can realise their potential and not have to fight all the politics and pettiness which dominates a lot of our music Industry. 

Over the past few years it seems that our City hasn't be able to fulfil its musical ambitions and know that this can't possibly carry on.

I'm performing on Nottingham Caribbean Carnival this week and hope that everybody understands and gains a little from my message, whether you see me on the street and have a quick chat or whether I’m screaming down a microphone on a stage in front of thousands of ravers. Keep true to yourself and realise your dreams, peace and love. 

 MC AB (Anton Benjamin)