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Sneinton Alchemy works for the benefit of the residents, businesses and the environment in its Area of Benefit.

The links below will take you to some (just a few) examples of the projects that Sneinton Alchemy, and its forerunner Local Alchemy, have undertaken.
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ProjectAlchemy's activityMore about this project
ProjectAlchemy's activityMore about this project
Community Organiser Training- at Street Level Since successfully hosting 5 community organisers through their training and progression years, Alchemy has gone on to develop training courses, offering free training in Community Organising techniques to local people. Projects have included Street Level (funded by People's Health Trust) and the Volunteer Training Project (funded by Locality). Street Level CO training 
Growin Spaces Sneinton Alchemy supported Growin Spaces through the Community Organising team to start out with their community allotment project, which has expanded to include a community cafe and training for long term unemployed. Alchemy has continued to act as Accountable Body for Growin Spaces as it gradually finds its feet as a independent organisation. Growin Spaces 
Sneinton Social Develop and maintain social media sites to build online community support for our neighbourhood. Hold occasional social events to bring people together in the real world! Sneinton Social 
Sneinton Festival Support the Festival by providing a web page and regular news updates, programme information etc. The Festival is independently organised by a committee of local people which forms each year. Sneinton Festival 
Working with Sneinton's Roma residents Successfully applied for a grant funded project March 2013. One off support to Communities of Interest and Identity who do not currently receive Council funding, and who can meet one or more of the following priorities: 1. Tackling inequality and increasing opportunity 2. Reducing isolation and increasing opportunities for social inclusion 3. Building confidence to getting involved in decision making 4. Encouraging integration and addressing prejudice NCC article on equalities grants 
VBA- Visualise, Believe, Achieve A resident-led project facilitated by Alchemy's Community Organisers. Alchemy acted as the Accountable Body for the project. Projects facilitated by Steve Smith, Community Organiser 
The Sneinton Hub Project A resident-led project facilitated by Alchemy's Community Organisers. Alchemy acted as the Accountable Body for the project. The Sneinton Hub 
Prettier Whittier A resident led project facilitated by Alchemy's Community Organisers. Alchemy acted as the accountable body for the group. Whittier prettier in the sunshine 
Education and Skills Gap research Partner with the Muslim Community Organisation who are running the project. YOU can help boost skills and education in Sneinton! 
Sneinton Hermitage Caves Sneinton Alchemy open the caves to the public, usually once or twice a year as part of Sneinton Festival (June/July) and/or Heritage Open Days (September). We are also active in protecting the caves as an important part of our local heritage. Recently, Sneinton Alchemy engaged with the Council over improving safety at the cave, successfully suggesting the opening up of views in to the caves, rather than additional wall-top defences. 2012 Caves opening report and photos 
Collaborate and partner We work with a wide range of Sneinton based groups and individuals as a 'hub' or 'network' organisation. We think networking is key to community organisations complementing each others' work, and only step in to do projects ourselves when we see a gap in the existing 'offer'. A list of some local groups and organisations we work with. 
Community meetings Alchemy holds regular open community meetings to welcome new members or the merely curious. We feedback publicly on our projects and seek new ideas and news from the neighbourhood Please check the "What's on in Sneinton?" calendar for meeting dates. 
Funding applications We scan funding bodies to spot suitable funds for local projects. If appropriate we make applications. Recently funding successes have included Design Council CABE, Locality and the DTA. Community Organisers- recent funding application success 
'Hyper local' neighbourhood news We scan social media, print media and broadcast media as well as local correspondents to pick up on local events. If there is no existing web page with information, we create a news story on our website, otherwise we use social media to alert people to the original source Sneinton Alchemy's news page 
Neighbourhood Planning We scan Sneinton planning applications and broadcast news stories about significant or controversial applications in the area. We believe in greater community involvement in the planning process. We've developed a neighbourhood design vision for Sneinton 
Sneinton Hub project Market research and feasibility for a Sneinton Hub building Sneinton Hub Survey 
Community Organiser Hosting with Locality Successfully applied to become the first Community Host organisation in Nottinghamshire. We will host 3 full time Community Organisers covering the Sneinton area, starting in 2012 Community Organisers page 
The Sneinton Alchemist Set up and publish a weekly roundup of Sneinton news from a range of sources on the internet, including blogs, local papers, City Council etc. The Sneinton Alchemist online paper 
What's on in Sneinton Set up and administer a Google calendar of Sneinton public events Events: What's on in Sneinton? 
Sneinton Neighbourhood Design Vision Funded by CABE/Design Council and in partnership with OPUN regional architecture centre we worked to develop a Neighbourhood Design Vision for Sneinton Sneinton Vision website 
Inspiring a career in nutrition Contacts and business advice for food enterprise. Alchemy people- Rosie Honeyman-Smith 
Supporting a local catering and training enterprise Funded construction of a training kitchen unit, business advice and contacts. Alchemy People- Wayne Saunders 
Business training for a local artist Funding for business training Alchemy People- Gillian Lee Smith 
Support for catering business development Funding to set up a 'Mobile Food School' Alchemy People- Shona Munro 
Sneinton Hub market research We are building a business plan for a new kind of space in Sneinton Sneinton Hub Survey 
Business support: Art of Flowers  Supported the development of their business plan Case Study - Art of Flowers 
Sneinton's Heritage We created a Sneinton Heritage trail leaflet: A fresh look at Sneinton A fresh look at Sneinton 
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